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Many people drink caffeine every day. It's in carbonated beverages, chocolate, energy drinks, tea, and, of course, coffee. Caffeine was first isolated in pure form by German Chemist Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge. He called it "Kaffebase", the base of coffee. It is poisonous in large doses, but is usually consumed very conservatively. The LD50 is a number assigned to toxins to determine how toxic they are. It is the amount of toxin that will kill 50% of the tested population, or "Lethal Dose of 50%", "LD50". The LD50 of caffeine is about 150-200 mg per kg of body weight, or about 80-100 cups of coffee for an average adult.

Coffee is perhaps the most commonly used stimulant. Caffeine can ward off sleepiness and contribute to restlessness, but the effectiveness varies greatly. It is a common but addictive psychoactive drug, but unlike others, is not regulated in most of the world. In North America, 90% of adults consume caffeine every day.

Caffeine can be removed through decaffeination. The unroasted beans are first steamed, then rinsed in a solvent to remove caffeine. Fresh Roast Coffee Co. sells decaffeinated coffee, but we buy unroasted, decaffeinated beans. Many chemicals can been used as a solvent, including carbon dioxide, water, and benzene. Most decaffeinated coffee has 0.1%-3% of its original caffeine. To learn more about these processes, got

From reading this post, you may get the idea that caffeine is a horrible chemical. It can be toxic in large doses. It can be addictive. It affects your brain's chemical balance. But all of these things can be controlled by drinking coffee, and other sources of caffeine, in moderation.

Note: a bar (162 g) of chocolate has 70 mg of caffeine, while a cup of coffee (6 fl oz, 178 g) has 71 mg of caffeine. For more information, see Caffeine in Chocolate and Caffeine in Coffee

Regular Coffee!

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We now have Regular Coffee in stock. For those of you who were waiting, you can now order! The new coffee is a Brazilian Alta Mogiana, like the previous one.(

The Beginnings of Coffee

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No one knows for sure how it was discovered that these little brown beans could make such a delicious drink, but there are a few legends. 
<Goat image>Perhaps the most well known it the one of the Ethiopian goat herder. It is said that one day he saw that when his goats ate the red berries off of a certain bush, they became very hyper. The tale says that the goat herder took the berries to the local monastery  in which the monks said that the coffee berries had come from the devil. They through them into fire, and soon noticed the wonderful aroma emitted from the beans. They ground them up and prepared a drink with them, forming what we know today as coffee. To learn more, please visit or the Wikipedia page, Happy drinking!

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